The Building – ‘Reconciliation’ (2017)

July 10, 2018

The Building – ‘Reconciliation’ (2017)

Anthony LaMarca, late of Dean & Britta and now with War On Drugs has never strayed from from his personal sonically textured band The Building. Anthony has always been a very inwardly driven artist, with his music melting your soul, laced with songs that come across like some gentle ghost come for an unexpected evening’s visit, effortlessly playing with your heart strings. Yet when all is said and done, his considered emancipated attitude and visions allow you to put yourself back together, all while looking over your shoulder, feeling slightly frail, nearly embarrassingly so, at something that recently occupied your listening space and is now a mere memory … growing ever more distant and out of focus.

Anthony’s songs present themselves like messages written by the passing fingers of strangers on dusty surfaces, where his songs don’t come at you, it’s more that they unfold, occupying the air you’re about to breathe, the space you’re sitting in, and unraveling while revealing a musical density filled with unexpected reverberations of emotional bliss.


‘Reconciliation’ has been deeply considered, encompassing intelligent lyrics that sparked me to wish for a deeper understanding of the backstory to these numbers so intently that by the time “Have To Forgive” was floating from my speakers I realized that I’d began to make up my own.

Seldom will you come across an artist who so easily and willingly reveals themselves so publicly, allowing anyone desiring to listen to know with reassurance that they’re not alone with their thoughts, longings, regrets and dreams … that we’re all connected, and that without thinking, you should go hug the nearest person for no good reason, other than that you can.

Jenell Kesler

The Building – ‘Reconciliation’ (Peppermint Records 2017)

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