The Black Sand – ‘Into Forever’ (2018)

May 8, 2018

The Black Sand – ‘Into Forever’ (2018)

Black Sand has delivered perhaps their most contextual, evolving and softly haunting album to date, one filled with intoxicatingly delicious music that sits like jars of honey warming as the morning sun rises over a half forgotten roadside stand, where when you stumble across these evolving numbers it’s quite impossible not to hold them up to the light and dream, lost in their simple bewilderment.

Black Sand do something that’s nearly impossible on Into Forever, and that’s to tribute all of their influences, yet to do so without it sounding obvious or derivative, as in a book, often causing your hand to move back, tracing the words as you reread them again to insure with a sly smile that you’ve heard what you think you’ve heard. Black Sand actually do chart a clear clean course into forever with their hypnotic pastoral driftings that weave themselves around you with aspects of sheer pleasure, coming off like nocturnal songs of slumber, like bedtime stories that cause you to drowse, where your soul fills with a sense of beoss and enough entrancing beauty to allow you to see from the inside out, while emotionally staggering with an emancipated sense of freedom and inward delights.

Into Forever is couch-bound listening at it’s very best, with the only drawback being that these wondrous visions have not found their way to a vinyl release.

– Jenell Kesler

The Black Sand – ‘Into Forever’ (2018)

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