Chameleon Treat – “Soundtrack For Silent Comedies” album premiere

November 4, 2017

Chameleon Treat – “Soundtrack For Silent Comedies” album premiere

Chameleon Treat is a two-piece band living in the Midwestern U.S., who bonded in college while playing in a raucous power-pop band. Both members, (singer Andrew Kruske and drummer Jacob Edwards) shared a love for undiscovered or underappreciated music, and decided to write a few extra songs in their spare time. That plan eventually evolved over a few months into a full album: Soundtrack For Silent Comedies. The group brings in numerous 60s influences and samples, and attempts to create something that simultaneously feels new, yet filled with nostalgia. Much like Spacemen 3, Primal Scream, Boredoms, or the Flaming Lips in previous years, the band attempts to take the psychedelic/experimental textures that they love and adapt them for the modern soundscape. Even the album cover is a visual representation of this blending. To make the petri dish-like image on the cover, the band bought all of the components for the often overlooked 60s art form known as liquid light. After several kinds of dyes, filters, and experiments, they ended up with an image that seemed to represent the underlying culture and influence of this particular set of songs. Recording and producing the songs on the actual record went through an incredibly similar process in terms of research and experimentation.

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