Rancho Bizzarro album premiere

October 2, 2017

Rancho Bizzarro album premiere

Italian Stoner Rockers RANCHO BIZZARRO, the new project by Izio Orsini, who after his debut “Weedooism” with the name BANTORIAK (new album due later in 2018), took the decision to start a new band. RANCHO BIZZARRO is an Instrumental four-piece formed by two guitars (Matteo Micheli and Marco Gambicorti), bass (Izio Orsini) and drums (Federico Melosi), with a clear Stoner Desert Rock influence. The original idea takes form from jams run into the rehearsals room, then rearranged in studio where the sound gets a typical ’70 attitude. Be prepared for a stunning album to be released by Fall 2017, with influences from Brant Bjork, MC5, Black Sabbath.

RANCHO BIZZARRO debut will be released by ARGONAUTA Records in CD/DD and available from October 6th, 2017. Orders run here: http://bit.ly/2xcUBM5

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