Frank Sabbath – “Are You Waiting ?” album premiere & interview

October 5, 2017

Frank Sabbath – “Are You Waiting ?” album premiere & interview

With their third album Are You Waiting ? the French psychedelic jokesters Frank Sabbath present a concentrate of their composition style in four songs, ranging from high energy psychedelic rock, to progressive doom-laden melodies, and trippy atmospheric soundscapes.

What’s the songwriting process like?

Most of the songs are assembled from jam sessions that we recorded at rehearsals. We worked from those recordings to create the songs, adding composed parts here and there, and we then played them many times, live and in rehearsal to refine them. It was a really global work, we’d began working on the songs from Are You Waiting? two years before it was released. This also really opened us to improvisation, which is what we exclusively play nowadays.
The first three songs on the album were composed that way, while Sasume was composed by Jude from a dream he had.
As you might hear, humor is omnipresent in our composition process, as it is also an important part of our vision of life.
Can you share some details how your latest album was recorded and released?

We recorded Are You Waiting ? in a ancient rehabilitated farm in Aveyron, isolated into nature. It’s a really inspiring and magical place, far from everything and surrounded by forests and mountains. We were lucky enough to record there thanks to our sound engineer Léo Minart, for the second time (our second album Telluric Wanderers was also recorded there). It was a really DIY recording, with our own means, with old gear we owned or borrowed. We set up all the equipment in the barn, and proceeded to record and overdub for about a week, with precious help from blue cheese, aligot, red wine and medicinal herbs. It was a perfect moment to experiment like putting a mic into an old silo to obtain a natural reverb… We had to overdub a few more stuff in Montpellier (where Jude, Guillaume and Léo now live) over the year, and we mixed and mastered it here too.
Are You Waiting? was released by Bermuda Cruise, an associative label created by Jude, Guillaume and Léo. Bermuda Cruise is focusing on experimental, psychedelic and improvised music. We already released the first album from Moteur!, a new band created by Jude, Guillaume and Léo (available here: https://bermudacruise.bandcamp.com/album/moteur), and we want to develop the local psychedelic scene through concerts and different events.
The CD was hand-crafted, with minimal cost to be able to sell it for a cheap price (5€). Patience and passion were put into the object, as it is a constant mindset in Bermuda Cruise.

Who are some of your personal favorite bands that you’ve had a chance to play with over the past few years?

We would have loved to play with Frank Zappa, Can, Amon Düül II, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus or Captain Beefheart, but unfortunately we called and they weren’t available…

What are some future plans?

Another album is already planned for a release, it was recorded right after the basic tracks for Are You Waiting ? and is directly coming from a day-long jam with psychic enhancement, which was edited and overdubbed in our studio in Montpellier. We also plan to release the second album from Moteur!, as well as a collaboration with The Moresmall.
We are also still on the look for artists in a similar mindset of pushing boundaries and sharing experiences, for recording and gig projects.


– Klemen Breznikar
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