Sky Saxon and the Vibravoid – ‘A Poetry Of Love’ album premiere

August 19, 2017

Sky Saxon and the Vibravoid – ‘A Poetry Of Love’ album premiere

In late 2008 Sky Sunlight Saxon, the Vibravoid and Atomic on guitar teamed up for a 5 weeks period to record and play some shows.

Over 8 hrs of music have been recorded – live and improvised – to select some of Sky’s best late work from it. Tracks like “You Can Let Love Start” present a reflective and acoustic Sky Saxon with a heart breaking song.


“A Kettle Of Tea” feature Sky’s precise and meaningful lyrics to a masterful extend filled with an abundance of dreamlike Mellotron sounds.

We included 5 unreleased tracks, that were not released on the sold out 2010 album “A Poetry Of Love” that only featured 4 tracks of the recording sessions.

Most of the music is experimental, rocking, shocking and different to one might expect – but showcases the art and performing qualities of an ingenious spirit.

We can only say that the time we have spent with Sky was the most unique and wonderful we could ever experience, we could revive a glimpse of the true spirit that made the 1960s the decade of Rock, Pop and Psychedelia.

We hope that we are able to help Sky to spread his message across the world, because it is a very good one:

“Make Love Not War – Flower Power is real, if you want it!”

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  1. I love Sky's work!

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