From The Vault: Spacemen 3 – Recurring (1991)

February 12, 2017

From The Vault: Spacemen 3 – Recurring (1991)

I was alone in the dark, hazy blue smoke filled the small ten watt radio station the night this album found its way into the studio. To the glow of the red and green lights of the console board I made a sincere attempt to read the liner notes, failed, and dropped the disc into the tray. At 11:35 a musical adventure took control of not only my head but of those out there in the night, riding the waves of the radio … together we listened to the disembodied voices and guitar driven electronics that were washing in from another side of the universe.

Geeez, what a timeless piece of music … Recurring could have come right out of the 1960’s, or possibly from the future, all I knew was that I was hearing it right then, and it was some of the freshest music I had heard for far too long.
This is psychedelic music at its very best … it involves you, it embraces you, it envelops you, strings you out and brings you back … but don’t be surprised when it all winds down, and the long rays of the sun work their way into the morning, to find yourself sitting somewhere other then where you were when this record started playing.
Got to go find my dark glass now, things keep shifting on me, and there’s not a single colour that’s not merging with all of the others … forget the glasses, I’m staying right here.
*** Sonic Boom revisits the legendary Recurring album and remasters it without adding bonus track, outtakes, or the usual things artists do to try and convince you that you need to purchase this album yet again. What he has done is to clean up the sound quality, taking advantage of modern techniques, and presenting the disc with technologies that were not available back in 1991, allowing it to sound even more bright, inviting, and more compelling than ever before. This is one of those times I highly suggest that you avail yourself of the new formate … it’s well worth your while.
– Jenell Kesler
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