PRE-ORDER Magazine, 130 Pages in full-colour, + Bonus CD.

July 19, 2014

PRE-ORDER Magazine, 130 Pages in full-colour, + Bonus CD.

Pre-order available: 
130 full-colour pages, glossy sleeve, plus bonus Space
Rock/Neo-Psychedelia compilation CD! A must-have for fans of ‘Shindig!’,
‘Flashback’ or ‘Ugly Things Magazine’! Read, what Vernon Joynson has to say
about it: The first Country Joe and The Fish album Electric Music For The Mind
And Body is one of the very finest examples of psychedelia and when Klemen
found it as a 12-year-old among a pile of his dad’s records and played it, his
life changed forever. His curiosity lead him to research deeper and deeper into
the whole sixties music scene. He started a blog where he discussed private
pressings and over the next few years, with the help of a network of
like-minded friends, the blog evolved into the fabulous online magazine that is
now ‘It’s Psychedelic Baby!’. The name is perhaps a little misleading because
the magazine’s scope is much wider than just psychedelia. Its scope encompasses
prog-rock, jazz, blues, folk, punk, metal & avant-garde music. Indeed
Klemen is a huge folk and jazz fan. Above all, the website has a special focus
on obscure and rare music. At the last count this stunning site contained over
500 interviews with a very broad range of artists and people connected with the
music business, as well as lots of reviews and articles. He has done so much
original research, located so many forgotten artists and even helped some to
find record labels. What you have in your hand is the first hard copy version
of this magazine! This first edition is primarily dedicated to Texas
psychedelia. The state has a very rich and diverse musical tradition, but in
the sixties it produced countless tough garage-punk bands and some of the most
demented acidpunk records to come out of the US in this era, as well as some
seminal hippie-rock bands. Many of these were drawn to the attention of wider
audiences in the subsequent years by the pioneering works of David Shutt whose
‘Journey To Tyme’ was a brilliant interpretative discographical guide to Texas
1960s punk and psychedelia and by Doug Hanners’ equally excellent magazine ‘Not
Fade Away’ focusing on the Texas music scene in that era. It is largely due to
them and other Texas collectors that many obscure Texas recordings of the mid
to late sixties found their way onto the many various artists’ compilations of
sixties punk and psychedelia that emerged in subsequent years. Now, in this new
hard copy magazine, Klemen assisted by other music historians like Kevin
Rathert, has traced and interviewed many more artists and the magazine contains
features about Powell St. John, Zakary Thaks, The Moving Sidewalks, Lemon Fog,
Golden Dawn, Homer, Corpus and many more. Be sure to read the interview with
Michael Jensen (who was a member of the 13th Floor Elevators in the eighties)
and shares for the very first time many stories about Roky and different
meanings of some of the band’s songs. In keeping with the sheer scope of
Klemen’s antenna this mag includes many other features too. He has tracked down
the Zambian band WITCH and has a fascinating feature (probably the first in
hard copy) about the whole seventies Zambian music scene. He’s also found Vyto
(from First Chips) and there are articles on the Mexican Kaleidoscope, Bodo
Molitor, Anonymous and reviews of new reissues and new psych releases. There is
also a fascinating non music-related feature about “music as
medicine”. Read on….I promise you will not be disappointed.

Thank you for the support and enjoy reading our magazine.
– Klemen Breznikar
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  1. Kevin Rathert

    Congrats Klemen! What a wonderful sight! Long Live "It's Psychedelic Baby"!!!!!!

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