Warlord/Stallion Interview

June 16, 2011

Warlord/Stallion Interview

Thanks a lot for sharing your words about Stallion! Firstly I would like if you could tell me where did you start your music path?
I took up the drums while living at home in Wimbledon Park when I was 13 years old, the kit was a birthday present from my parents,it was a very basic kit costing £35.00 Which at that time was equivalent to more than 2 weeks wages.

What were some of the influences you had back then?

My influences were varied, Sandy Nelson, Buddy Rich and in the late 60’s I started getting into the British Blues scene with bands like Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall and Ten Years After. Also after the psychedelic period, bands like Family, Cream and of course Jimi Hendrix.

Were you or other members in any bands before starting Stallion? Any releases with that perhaps? I know you were in a band called Shades of Reflection…

Before Warlord (which I now remember, we were first called) I was in a band called White Unicorn,started in Wimbledon but ended up being based in Cambridge, as at least two of the band were at University there. We did a demo for Polydor which they liked but was not commercial enough, several gigs supporting Yes, John Mayall and Brian Auger and the Trinity, with Julie Driscoll. White Unicorn split for a short period at which time myself and the bass player, Colin Vallance formed a band called Sub Strata,quite a big band, very Chicago/Blood Sweat and Tears like, but unfortunately did not last, didn’t even get out of the rehearsal stage. You mention Shades of Reflection, well that was a band that started in the British Army, we were all in the same outfit and formed a group, anything to get out of guard duty, we were sponsored by the Regiment.
How and when did you come together to create Warlord?

I met the other members Warlord when I answered an advert in Melody Maker for a drummer, so I went to The Trinity Hall in Wimbledon and met John Alexander and Andy Dunlop, had a great time and off we went. It was the first time I had played for about 4 years, so was pleased I hadn’t lost the touch.

Do you remember some of the early sessions you had together?

One of the first gigs we did was at Wimbledon Art School, we had two topless dancers on a platform behind us, I dont remember seeing the audience that night, must have been distracted.That was in ’75, then in ’76 I moved into a squat in Roehampton Vale SW London and built a sound proof room to rehearse in, perfect. Then we formed a frienship with the family living next door as they were happy to have people living in the house, and we were there legally. As they had heard the band they invited us over to jam (acoustically). They also had a friend who was manager of a small hotel in Shipston on Stour, Oxfordshire and we got a residency there every two weeks we would drive the 100 miles or so on a Friday, do a show two nights and back on Sunday, all was going very well until John, whilst building som PA cabs decided to put the circular saw through his left hand, so the band that started as Warlord was now Stallion, was out of business.
You never released anything, but recently we spoke and you didn’t know about the release that came out on Audio Archives. They changed your name to Warlord…how do you feel about that?
The name change doesn’t worry me as it only went back to what it was originally, and now as I have just purchased a copy of our album and seen me credited for the tracks I played on, I am more than happy, as it’s going to be a great addition to the book I am writing. I do have copies of the three tracks we did at Escape and the two tracks John, Andy and myself did at Alvic on a reel to reel tape which I have copied to disc. But thats all, no long lost tapes from me at present, but given time to search I may be able to find some accoustic rehearsal tape, on cassette. 

Why did you decide to choose a name Stallion?

I think I came up with the name Stallion, as I had an artist friend called Katherine who had this great picture of a prancing Horse, so I got her to paint one of my bass drum skins and I copied it inverted on the other one. I used to have a photograph of the two drums, but it got mislaid long ago. Katherine went on to bigger things, as Tangerine Dream used one of her pieces of art in a video.

Did you do any touring with Stallion? I would love to hear some interesting stories.

I think I may have already answered this before.

What happened next?

After the saw episode, and John not having a working left hand the band sort of drifted apart, also we had to move out of the squat, then I found a band in Margate, Kent called The England Band, with a lead singer called Mr Moses, that only lasted a couple of months. Mr Moses was a twat, I ended up walking out of that shit. That was the end of my playing career for the moment, as I had also just found out that Jon Cole from White Unicorn was looking for me but was told I was in a band, so I never got the message at that time. So it turned out that a friend of mine was looking for a drum roadie at that time, so…..I became a roadie and would be for the next 25 years. Working with many acts including Helloween, the German Heavy Metal Band on which I did Staging and Pyrotechnics, but the longest with Stray, then Suzi Quatro and Hot Chocolate…….All together 53 acts in the 25 years.
            I would have rather been playing the drums though. I did get back to playing in 1993 when I joined a Folk Rock band called Out of the Wood, until bad health got the better of me. What do they say………………………………………………THATS LIFE.

Interview made by Klemen Breznikar / 2011
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