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3 Unusual Game Ideas for an Immersive Experience

While blockbuster-hit video games with budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars like Red Dead Redemption 2 have been hogging the airwaves, plenty of far more original games have also been hitting the shelves.

Sandbox RPG’s and military first-person shooters are all well and good, but they aren’t really the kind of gaming experiences that stay with you. Meanwhile, there are some small-scale developers producing titles that aren’t just forms of light entertainment - they’re works of art.

If you want some truly immersive gaming that makes you think and alters your perspective then read on, because here are some of the best, wildest and weirdest types of video game. If you’ve missed these so far, it’s time to get playing.

Moral Decision-Making Games

Games such as Fallout have been lauded for the way in which they force players to make complex moral choices that determine the outcome of the story in a significant way. Some smaller titles, though, have taken this idea to the extreme.

One of the best of these is The Stanley Parable, which takes place in a functional office building. You play a faceless worker called Stanley, who must try and escape while deciding who to listen to. Another emotionally powerful title and is Papers Please, a “dystopian document thriller” and surprise indie hit where you play a border guard who must decide who to let into your fictional Soviet microstate.

These games force you to ponder difficult moral themes such as determinism, fate, mercy and cynicism, leaving you floored for days after completing the game.

Unusual Music-Based Games 

While games like Guitar Hero have pioneered the idea that music can be used as an interactive and compelling video game format, more recent titles are taking this to the next level, creating a highly immersive gaming experience to get you on your feet.

One such rare gem is Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, a 1990 Sega Genesis game which is part MJ tribute and part Streeter Fighter-style combat game. All of the King of Pop’s greatest hits feature in the game, most prominently during scenes when you can use Jackson’s “special powers” to force your enemies to spontaneously start moonwalking. This game is some seriously weird stuff.

You can also find a treasure trove of unique music-based games, themed around your favorite artists, on online casino platforms. Major sites offer an endless range of quirky slot games that are dedicated to everything music you can think of: take the musical anthology of Queen, offered by Spinia, or the Jimi Hendrix Experience, available at Instacasino. It’s easy to get lost in gameplay for hours with soundtracks like these.

Animal Perspective Games 

A recent trend within the indie gaming world has been a movement away from playing humanlike characters towards playing from an animal’s perspective. Not a magical dragon or a majestic centaur-like creature - just a normal animal.

Undoubtedly one of the best and funniest of these is the 2014 game Goat Simulator, where you literally play as a goat running through a variety of urban settings and generally causing havoc. The game originally started off as a joke and was never meant to be released, but developers loved it so much they decided to do a full release, to critical acclaim.

What are the strangest video games you’ve ever played? Let us know in the comments!

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