“Zionic Mud” – JJUUJJUU

October 10, 2018

“Zionic Mud” – JJUUJJUU

Latest album by JJUUJJUU is called Zionic Mud. It’s available on Dine Alone. Released in a kind of unusual way, as one record of the band’s expansive, surprisingly danceable space rock and a companion release featuring alternate versions of the album tracks created by some of the band’s friends and supporters including J. Mascis, Liars, METZ, Warpaint’s Jenny Lee, and Autolux. 

What would you say influenced you the most at making your latest release?
Can you share details how your album Zionic Mud was recorded and released?
Recorded over the course of five years or so, in different studios around CA with an array of different friends. 
Is there a certain concept behind it?
No concept on this one. More of a meditation in a way.
How would you compare it to FRST?

It’s longer. FRST was written for a two piece band. MUD was written with more players in mind. And the live band has expanded as well, so the third record will likely reflect that expansion.
Quite a lot of time passed since FRST and your latest. Have you been involved with any other projects?
Desert Daze and the booking agency I started a few years back, Space Agency
Who is behind the artwork?
The artwork was taken from a series of screen shots from one of our videos by Lionel Williams (Vinyl Williams). He made the video and I took the screen shots and did a rough layout for the album art and he took it from there and really finished it. 
What are some future plans?
Hopefully some touring in South America and UK/Europe and another record in 2019.
– Klemen Breznikar
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  1. musicjunkie

    Great record, from my point of view much better than the first one, but the first time I read something about the companion record... which I really miss. :)

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