Space Babies – “Free Expression” premiere

August 20, 2018

Space Babies – “Free Expression” premiere

Space Babies is the musical project of Rebecca and Michael Vest in collaboration with Dave Scher and John X Volaitis, spreading love and happy vibrations from Venice, California. These cosmic beings are here to reflect on all the beauty in this world with their intergalactic groove and trippy melodies. Inspired by the 60’s and 70’s psychedelia, Ancient Future, human evolution and pristine nature, their music aims to connect with the world and all that is freaky and beautiful. Combining their thoughtful lyrics and mellow sound with far out space imagery, Space Babies wants to reach out to their future tribe all around the world.

Music was the second language to these flower children while growing up. With backgrounds in Southern California, New Mexico, and New York, they have worked with music their entire lives. Collectively, they have garnered experience in everything between recording in studios and making videos, performing, touring and playing with various groups throughout the years. By the present century, however, they rooted in Venice, California, and have since released three albums recorded in their studio, Earthstar Creation Center. While they might often be found working at their studio creating new songs and videos, Space Babies are more than just musicians: they are lovers of life and believers in a better tomorrow.
“The Space Babies Show: A Song in a Day” is a series of 6 documentary-style videos that walk you through our unique songwriting process. Each episode begins in the morning as a blank slate… and over the course of one day, a completed song is born. Cameras in our faces while we try to create timeless classics…. what could go wrong? Foolhardy? Yes! Difficult? Yes! But a very interesting look into the goings-on of a recording studio. The time limitations led to numerous traffic jams, ego meltdowns, fascist coups, Socialist revolts, and some shaky footage.…. but when the dust settled we found that it also created freethoughtforms, un-shackled experiments, and holy magical moments. Viva la deadline! We hope you enjoy… if not, just jump to the music video at the end.
Everything was done at our magical, sonic temple: Earthstar Creation Center in Venice, CA.

No other species on the planet has a greater ability to express thoughts, emotions, concepts & just general knowledge than our own. And yet all too often, that gift is suppressed & discouraged by even some of the planet’s most sophisticated thinkers. This ability is truly a blessing that needs to be exercised. Today we celebrate Free Expression by doing exactly that. With Love, Space Babies
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