Mt. Mountain – “EP” (2014) review

March 11, 2018

Mt. Mountain – “EP” (2014) review

Mt. MountainEP (2014)
Mt. Mountain’s self-titled EP is a lazy sounding hypnotic hazy drugged space adventure, provided the space you seek is no wider than your listing area, as Mt. Mountain swim though the warm dark waters of couch-bound excess, where even lifting your arm is an effort, though in so doing, causes giggling bubbles to rise from the inner regions of one’s mind at the folly of such a useless and meaningless endeavor.

Mt. Mountain are all about the atmosphere they create with their low-keyed sustained instrumentation that’s firmly anchored by dream laden lyrics that come across as semi-conscious and bewilderingly blissed. Unexpectedly, the guitar solos are held sonically in check, sounding understated, yet remarkably visionary in their ability to move in time with the vocals, where all this resounds with an undercurrent of 60’s psychedelic blues … bending notes, eliciting effects and engaging an emotional spirit of inner visions. 
The invitation Mt. Mountain offers is simply to sit back and enjoy the self-indulgence, as it’s one of the few things we can sincerely call our own.
*** I dislike saying this, but reviews are here for a reason, so I’ll jump right in. This is their most original and sustaining release, the one that will be remembered, and while Mt. Mountain have a good following in New Zealand and Australia, their later material comes off sounding more than derivative of The Black Angels … but this one, this is a keeper, and very much vinyl worthy.
– Jenell Kesler
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