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Hermitess - “Animal Heart” premiere

A sonic journey that features the harp and a circle women's voices supported by a cast of eclectic collaborators, Hermitess is an inquisitive, contrary, wounded, wise and ever dreaming incantation.

“Animal Heart” is a song that speaks to the inner world we all have, but that is rarely outwardly visible. Just beneath the surface another landscape, a wilderness of inexpressible colours I often have this feeling about civilization, and the social construct we are all required to adhere to that allows us to be part of it. This feeling that it is really only the thinnest of veneers, a flimsy illusion hiding our animal selves. No matter how much we give ourselves airs or talk up humandkinds position in the natural order of things. We remain at the core perpetually hungry for those animal desires, for shelter, for companionship, for acceptance within our pack.

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