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Zombie Girlfriend - “Echo Echo” premiere

Self-proclaimed Hungarian ‘dream punk’ band Zombie Girlfriend writes dreamy reverb-drenched garage pop songs with lush euphoric instrumentation and witty, Stephin Merritt-esque vocal sensibilities. Their music is like an ecstatic rush of adrenaline, a gentle wave of guitars washing over honey-sweet melodies, creating kaleidoscopic, psychedelic pop songs about longing. After a 4-year hiatus the band will release their new LP Wind early next Spring.

“Ever since I was a teenager I’ve had this idea of an album that is full of beautiful, almost church-like harmonies buried deep within a swirl of distorted, reverb-drenched guitars, like running through a vast green field in a thunderstorm. I think Echo Echo is the song that comes closest to making this fantasy real.”

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