From The Vault: Yesterday’s Children – “Yesterday’s Children” (1970)

October 26, 2017

From The Vault: Yesterday’s Children – “Yesterday’s Children” (1970)

Yesterday’s Children – Yesterday’s Children (Map City Records, 1970) 
Some of the best music is never heard by the mass public, and that includes this album, which holds firm as one of the greatest hard rocking efforts in history.

Formed in 1966, Yesterday’s Children released a superb single, “To Be Or Not To Be,” a year later that remains a favorite among the psychedelic garage rock community. By the time the Connecticut based band got around to recording what would sadly be their only album, they had developed into an even mightier machine, flaunting a ferocious flair for the loud, loose and leering underground sounds of the day.
Boiling with tension-filled excitement, “Yesterday’s Children” explodes front, back and center to a primitive production of unsettling glory. The band is literally on fire, bashing and thrashing their gear into submission. The shrill vocals, which stage an amazing job hitting notes as high as the Empire State Building, are equally charged with force and fury.
Propelled by songs spewing anger and frustration, “Yesterday’s Children” crackles with cynicism. Just listen to the heated lyrics of numbers like “Sad Born Loser” and “Paranoia,” and you will know exactly where these fellows are coming from. A savage cover of Spooky Tooth’s “Evil Woman” also appears on the platter.
Ablaze with a bluesy Yardbirds flavored rave up, “Providence Bummer” rips and rolls with manic energy by the pound, resulting in an absolute gem of a rocker. Splashed with a mix of moody and menacing Jimi Hendrix inspired fretwork, assisted by an airy chorus chanting “run away,” the daring “What Of I” stands tall as yet another showstopper.
Not a pretty sight, “Yesterday’s Children” is riddled with warts, scars and pimples. But that is the beauty of the music. Relying on their own gut instincts, the band cranked the volume and roared to their heart’s content. An early heavy metal masterpiece, “Yesterday’s Children” is strongly recommended for fans of acts like Blue Cheer, Stack and Budgie.
– Beverly Paterson
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