From The Vault: Sunbirds – “Sunbirds” (1971)

October 11, 2017

From The Vault: Sunbirds – “Sunbirds” (1971)

There was a time when Prog, or Progressive Music, had an undeniable jazz influence to it … then it seemed to have gotten waylaid and then splintered into something so heavy my ears were no longer there for the listening. The truth of what I’ve just said is easily traceable, with drummer Klaus Weiss forming Sunbirds in 1971 with a solid and notable jazz background, having played with the likes of Johnny Griffin, Kenny Drew, Bud Powell, and Don Byas [if I’m not mistaken]. 

Along with an earnest group of jazzmen with slight rock leanings, Weiss created one of the finest late night listening albums you’ll ever be treated to. Sunbirds is energetic in an etherial manner, moving forward and holding tight when needed, in order to accent and develop an atmospheric theme of enchantment. Their songs were often woven in with expected psychedelic classics during the wee hours of a radio morning, rising like a quiet mist on an empty street corner, with the traffic light going through its motions … no one in sight.
This is one of those beautiful classic wandering epics, that like “White Bird” by It’s A Beautiful Day, defies orientation, or even classification. The songs ride smooth and low in the seat, seasoned with experience, presented with graciousness, and exist within their own realm, existing as an eternal moment in time, one that certainly defines that time, and should on no count be missed or overlooked.
– Jenell Kesler
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