Da Captain Trips – “Adventures In The Upside Down” (2017) review

October 15, 2017

Da Captain Trips – “Adventures In The Upside Down” (2017) review

Da Captain Trips – Adventures In The Upside Down (Phonospera Records/Vincebus Eruptum, 2017)
This is the 5th release by Italian four piece instrumental band. I have not heard all their records but I loved the first one. The CD features 7 tracks starting of with “The Calm And The Storm”. This one starts slowly with some cool 2 pole resonance filter played by Bastille as the jam slowly builds up. I like the guitar line but the synth takes the lead for the first half of the song and then Cavitos takes off.

Cool bass playing by Peppo. At 4 ½ min it goes into space rock mode. Great opening track. “Manta” starts with more energy and a more intense guitar, the middle section is really beautiful and floating and has nice dynamics. It slowly fades out. “Revelation” features Lee on the saxophone. It has a mysterious vibe to it but I love the synths on this one. Also a very nice guitar solo. “Dear Zahdia” has some intense drumming at times but the track really starts to take off at about 3 min. “Tresspass Bay” is a more melodic laid back track but features some nice guitars and synth work as well. Nice dynamics with heavy and light sections created between the synth and guitars. “Peaceful Place” features a Buchla synth by Ema that is slowly faded up around 3 min and really changes the dynamic of the track. Peppo lays down some nice bass in this section. I like the bluesy guitar as well. “Mother Earth” closes the album and also features Ema on what they call Nature sound. This is a great way to end the album with some hand drums, a cool funky yet spacey more laid back track but after 8 min it totally rocks out. The entire band plays very well together on these cool instrumental jams. I guess I will have to try to hear their other albums. I really loved this one.
– Scott Heller
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