Top Video Games with a Psychedelic Theme

August 15, 2017

Top Video Games with a Psychedelic Theme

There are psychedelic graphics in a lot of day to day activities, but game developers appear to particularly love this design convention. With immersive atmospheres and interesting worlds to experiment with, this medium is brilliant for those that want to create their own world.

Games as an Art Form
As much as it changes our perception of art, games are technically an art form – with their own unique storytelling techniques. These games can show psychotropic stories and characters that really make them interesting to the user. With these techniques in mind, let’s take a look at the games that really impress us. 
This game came from the Double Fine production studios, back when they were just fledgling developers. They’ve went onto massive success but this game is still one of their most popular. Players follow the story of Raz, who sneaks into a summer camp with activities for gifted children. Within this summer camp, children learn to explore the minds of others through psychic abilities. 
It’s one of the trippiest games out there, as you jump into other people’s brains and complete the game. It’s a really cool psychedelic experience and one that still holds up decades after the game was initially released. Nearly 15 years after the release of the original, a new sequel is slated for 2018.
The music within this game is one of the main things that makes it so effective. The soundtrack of many games is instrumental in creating the game experience that lasts a lifetime. If you’re a music fan then you can mix music with bingo for fun party games, or even check out a mobile casino to see how music enhances the gambling experience.

The sheer premise of this game will have you laughing, you play as an octopus disguised as a human attempting to avoid detection. You’ll be slipping and sliding all over the place, though if you’re too blatant with your octopus activities, you’ll be outed and the game will end. There’s even a two player experience that has one player controlling one side of the octopus body and the other controlling the other side. This isn’t the easiest of activities, but it’s a whole load of fun.
The story behind this game is pretty fascinating too, as it was developed by a group of students and was one of the first to be greenlit on Steam. They’ve gone on to start a development studio of their own, we’re expecting big things from them.
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Mario might be the last name that you’d expect to see on our list but the features within Super Mario Galaxy 2 are incredibly cool. Hopping around the galaxy makes for some interesting physics, with gravity and acceleration totally out of whack. It’s an awesome game to pick up and play any time, without a massive storyline to get involved with. 
The handling at certain points can be a bit tricky, but it’s always consistent. With yet another new Mario game being added to the collection in the near future, this is a character that will always be going on interesting and exciting adventures. 
If you’re looking for an immersive experience then these games are a great place to start. Enjoy them and you’ll be in a psychedelic dream state before you know it.
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