Heirs Of Fortune – “Circus Of Mirth” (2017) review

July 23, 2017

Heirs Of Fortune – “Circus Of Mirth” (2017) review

Heirs Of Fortune – Circus Of Mirth (Counterfeit Records, 2017)
Prior to the birth of Heirs Of Fortune, Terry Carolan (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums) and Robert Woodrich (vocals, bass) played in a pair of noted bands, Just Boys and New Movies, while Ralph Smith (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Robert Watkins (bass) were members of the equally praised Amnesia. With so much talent occupying a single space, it’s only expected Heirs Of Fortune would produce something special.

A striking debut outing, Circus Of Mirth couples heritage pop rock inspirations with modern strokes, resulting in a collection of tunes smacking of a timeless quality. Songs dripping with catchy melodies and hummable choruses will never date, and the band delivers these gripping elements in spades. 
Smooth and polished, but salted with an organic feel stemming straight from the heart and gut, tracks like the sweeping flourishes of “Aster Sreet Days” and the poignant pulsations of “Goodbye My Friend” twinkle and sparkle with a sense of longing surrounded by bracing George Harrison styled riffs. Bolstered by a curtain of gospel flavored harmonies, “Shine” and the infectious pull of “How Can I Resist” step in as further highlights on Circus Of Mirth, as well as a faithful cover of Big Star’s “I Am The Cosmos” and the jaunty vaudeville romp of “Invited,” which features Gary Heslin on drums. 
Layers of gorgeous keyboard passages, incorporated with tugging guitar dynamics and crisp and fresh vocals pierce every cut on this impeccably executed recording. Aside from doing a great job of keeping the power popping soul of celebrated bands such as Badfinger, Raspberries, Pilot and the aforementioned Big Star alive, Heirs Of Fortune streak their material with their own star-studded strengths. Flowing and fizzing with expressive emotions and sonic beauty, Circus Of Mirth checks in as an album primed for repeated spins!
– Beverly Paterson
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