Triptides – “Afterglow” album premiere

June 26, 2017

Triptides – “Afterglow” album premiere

Triptides are premiering their new album Afterglow. Jangle echo-laden psychedelia at its best. 

“We recorded Afterglow in a period of transition. We knew that we would be moving from Bloomington, into Los Angeles at the end of the summer of 2014 but we wanted to create another album before we left town. As a result there’s a transitional energy comes through on the record; whether it’s the uncertainty that comes with change or the excitement associated with exploring the unknown.

The record is comprised of songs in which our love of 60’s psychedelia and pop are fully embraced. We had just acquired a 12 string electric guitar and a Farfisa Compact Duo and decided that they should be put to work right away. Maybe we thought it would be cool if Roger McGuinn played guitar on The Piper at the Gates of Dawn or if George Harrison stopped by a Strawberry Alarm Clock recording session with his 12 string Rickenbacker.
At the end of the day we weren’t getting hung up on recordings that were already created – we just wanted to make something entirely new by combining elements of what we love with the inescapable ideas of our own minds.” – Triptides

Afterglow will mean something different to everyone. 
What color are the flowers blooming through the swirling sounds? Who is she? When did all this time go by? What for?
We’ll let you decide.

“Triptides’ Afterglow is a fun, upbeat collection of trippy tunes inspired by familiar sounds of the 60’s woven throughout. Multi-Talented Singer/ songwriters Glenn Brigman and Josh Menashe’s fresh creativity is quite evident in the results of this new collection of catchy psychedelic tunes. Take a listen. I already have my favorites! The Triptides are definitely a contender on the new psych music scene today.”
– Mark Weitz Strawberry Alarm Clock


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