Halasan Bazar – “Burns My Mind” premiere

May 5, 2017

Halasan Bazar – “Burns My Mind” premiere

© Harald Holst / http://www.blaagalleri.com/

The lush psych-pop sound of Copenhagen’s Halasan Bazar returns with their ambitious third album, “Burns”. After numerous shows, recording sessions, a powerful collaboration LP and tours, “Burns” finds the band even more seasoned and impressive, giving the record a breezy naturalism from these gurus of their psychedelic craft. 

Recorded in the French mountains, armed with a magical unending bag of weed, Halasan Bazar laid down these tunes mostly live – all vocals, acoustic guitars, drums and piano. This immediacy emphasizes their blissed out sonics, buoyant melodies and kaleidoscopic composition, each moment purposefully placed creating their rich sonic tapestry. Inspired by the greats of Greenwich Village’s ‘60s folk, the lavish production of Lee Hazlewood, vocal harmonies of yesteryear and hallucinogenic day tripping. Some surf-y guitar vibes and plenty of driving piano jams too.

© Harald Holst / http://www.blaagalleri.com/

Tunes like “Freak” wave that Halasan flag proudly atop infectious guitar melodies and layered vocal harmonies creating a sing-a-long anthem for the misfits and the weirdos out there. “Get Sick and Die” incorporates swelling strings for an unexpectedly dreamy passage alongside sophisticated rock ’n’ roll. One of many highlights, “Burns My Mind” has a driving, catchy groove and the entire band firing on all cylinders crafting a bombastic party atmosphere. 
A beautiful and vivid album from an unapologetic band of freaks and dreamers, Halasan Bazar effortlessly leave their mark with “Burns”.
– Steve Rosborough 2017


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