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Rough Church - “Bully My Heart” premiere

 “Bully My Heart” premiere from their latest Queen’s Sacrifice.

Started in 2005 by LA scene stalwart Greg Franco, Rough Church has carried on the lyrical tradition of such artists as Bob Dylan and Neil Young and the sonic tradition of artists such as Nick Cave, the Pixies, the Clean and the Flying Nun sound. Though the band has embraced a certain DIY ethic developed from years of playing within the LA indie scene. 

Rough Church was conceived after the demise of Ferdinand, the band that existed from 1994-2003. Baseball, Concrete, rare steamy rain, tumbleweeds and lost poems about dirty chimneys are what influence this band. It spits out indie pop classic jams that get us compared to everything from Minutemen, Pixies, Broken Social Scene, WAR and Grand Funk. Deal with it! We can't get away from it.

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