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The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible by Dr. K Mandrake (2016) review

Mushrooms are grown on a substrate material thus they don’t need light to grow. This procedure requires sterility so that the fungus can grow. The cultivation of mushrooms could be quite intricate however; The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible provides an in-depth insight into every phase of the growing process. It adopts a comprehensive approach to the cultivation of the psychedelic mushrooms and goes even further to offer an overview of the makeup of mushrooms, the requirements needed for the cultivation of cannabis as well as on how to introduce psychedelic mushrooms into garden. The book is saturated with pictures and illustrations that would enhance learning and understanding of the entire process.

Magic mushrooms, are called “magic” because of one chemical compound – the famous psychedelic psilocybin. Humans ingest these type of mushrooms for many centuries either for spiritual or/and for recreation purposes. The mind-altering effects are forming new neural pathways in the brain.
There must be a reason why the Aztecs called them “the flesh of the gods”. According to the American philosopher Terence McKenna, mushrooms played an important role in the evolution of homo erectus. He says that by eating psilocybe cubensis, they improved a better vision and as a result became better hunters. 

The book provides an unequivocal insight into mushrooms in ways that allow you to cultivate psychedelic mushrooms like an expert and contains the right information on how to cultivate psychedelic mushroom with efficiency that brings about increased productivity.

There are more than 150 species of this kind of magic mushroom. The psychedelic effect of this kind of fungus can cause euphoria, hallucinations, and a distortion on the interpretation of sensory information of space and time. This can be sometimes annoying specially for the inexperienced users that may feel some nausea.

A systematic approach was employed in the book which allows for a coherent communication of the various phases involved in the cultivation process. The directives are very explicit and encompassed management of equipment, construction of planting vessels, methods to avoiding infection and the most suitable and gratifying ways to ingest mushrooms. Of course for those who don’t like waiting for their psychedelics to grow they can just go online and review Magic truffles. Magic truffles which are widespread in the Netherlands due to legal reasons, offer a fantastic alternative psychedelic and a special mind-altering fungus with mind opening effects. 

Magic mushrooms aren’t addictive but are not legal either – with an exception of a few countries.
This is to be seriously considered when planning to start cultivating them. As a matter of fact studies suggest that it can also be used to treat some serious mental health conditions as obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety.

The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible is illustrative and would help greenhorns to understand the rudimentary phases of cultivating psychedelics. Furthermore, the book has plenty of graphical illustrations for an engaging learning process for readers (photos by Virginia Haze). All of the approaches for planting psychedelic mushrooms are well explained in the book. The book is affordable, providing an exciting opportunity for you to learn how to grow your own psychedelics. The processes are detailed and also very explanatory and extensively covers procedures, with a blow by blow approach that makes it very suitable for all kinds of readers. The book provides insight into required equipment, their maintenance, etc. It covers everything from cultivating, duplicating, replicating, substrates, spores and various of species that are in-depth explained.

The author of the book Dr. Mandrake incorporates expert views and painstaking research information which he gathered from doctoral studies to give the most comprehensive information on how to cultivate and utilize psychedelic mushrooms.

- Jimmy Edwards
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