Ultimate Painting – Dusk (2016) review

October 4, 2016

Ultimate Painting – Dusk (2016) review

Ultimate Painting – Dusk (Trouble In Mind, 2016)
Floating in on a hazy warm subtle breeze, the songs from Dusk move as effortlessly as the bits of dust splintered by the afternoon sunlight, dancing around me like audible hallucinations that have momentarily captured a transparent form, and then are just as quickly, wisped away.
The album arrived like a postcard from the ether, just as October was inching its way into my being, with afternoon shadows stretching out into an undefined vastness. Dusk is by no means a stylistic edition to what the band has previously laid down, Dusk is a slow ebbing adventure of intoxicating fluid movements, simplistic jangling guitars and woozy lysergic lyrics that hint at a historic past, yet refuse to be recognized, leaving me to suggest that this may very well be Ultimate Painting’s finest hour of sleepy psych that will enter your brain and never leave … a stoner’s delight, an effortless climax, a disembodied breath in your ear, filled with half remembered low sung memories that may or may not have ever existed.

Dusk is a curious journey into an atmosphere of stillness, one that will define a time and place in your life, one that you’ll return to again and again, if for no other reason than to recapture the moment you first heard these songs, and to remember the feel of the person you laid next to as this album wove its way into your soul.
– Jenell Kesler
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