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The American Analog Set - From Our Living Room to Yours (1997)

The American Analog Set - From Our Living Room to Yours (Emperor Jones Records, 1997)

It’s easy to say that American Analog Set rolls on aimlessly, like ghosts in an old house, never sure of what they’re looking for, but who’s presence is felt in odd little ways, then disappearing as soon as I try to hold an image. While the reality is that their music is not so much illusive, but rather untouchable, like moonlight dancing on water ... there, but not there, ever shifting as the stream flows on.

From Our Living Room To Yours is the second release from this ‘slow drive’ band, a band who in 1997 could not help but be touched by the music of Galaxie 500; though they bend their strings in a much quieter manner, with the vocalization being nothing more than a whisper, riding in from the edges, as if heard from down the hall, or a half opened door. There are also hints of the mystical sounds The Church laid down on their epic release Somewhere, Anywhere; but that nod in no way takes anything away from the beauty of this album. If there’s anything to be taken away, it’s done so by the band, where they use a few rather tired and worn trippy elements [ah la Pink Floyd] at the beginning and end of several tracks ... though a quick run through your music program can eliminate these, creating a nearly flawless body of work.

As with all of the albums by American Analog Set, this release should be taken as a whole, and not as separate songs ... though to that end I’ve created stunning playlists using many of the tracks mixed in with other music of this flavor; leaving me free, to silently float like a transparent ghost though my home.

- Jenell Kesler
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