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Promised Land Sound - For Use and Delight (2015) review

Promised Land Sound - For Use and Delight (Paradise of Bachelors, 2015)

There’s been a new twist to the genre of dream pop, and as of yet I’m not sure what to call it, nor am able to define its presence ... perhaps country dream pop.  So let me say this, none of the members of Promised Land Sound where around when their influences where walking the planet, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Gram Parsons, Poco, and the splendid, profound guitar work of the great Jerry Garcia, especially that featured on the understated album American Beauty.  And to that end, Promised Land Sound step out from behind their psychedelic influences, just as those mentioned above did, and create and liquid wash of hazy music with a warm glow that shimmers with jangling guitars, upbeat visions that hang together loosely, yet with purpose, and significant production that with two lead vocalists, allows the band to easily explore differing moods, textures, and atmospheres that somehow manage to twinkle like distant stars through the breeze of an open window.

While the album’s music is drawn from inspirations of times long gone, the band is able to bring their sound into the here [hear] and now naturally and flawlessly with their countryfied harmonies, well crafted material that is nearly cosmic in its nature, and all with an overwhelmingly organic feel of gentle psych that’s laced with understated interweaving effects; including some historic wah wah jams.

For Use and Delight is ever-present, and will be for a very long time to come, so whether you discover it now, or stumble on it in the future, Promised Land Sound create a lovely place to wander in.

- Jenell Kesler
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