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Sir Robin & The Longbowmen - Sir Robin & the Longbowmen (2016) review

Sir Robin & The Longbowmen - Sir Robin & the Longbowmen (2016)

Drenched with the vibe of lysergic infused fuzzed out and haunting surf guitars that are both held in check and romantically spurred on by shimmering sitars laced with trippy garage psych vocals, Sir Robin & The Longbowmen [hailing from Dresden, Germany] create a mystic atmosphere of dreamy hypnotic songs that slowly ebb and morph into nearly one conceptual piece that lays across you like a warm blanket coved with magical patterns for eclipsing the sun and recipes for mind altering chemical potions. 

This album is as much a journey into the hazy past of psychedelic music as it is into the future of modern adventurous neo-psych ... and they bring it all to fruition without pretense or a sense of overbearing, leaving the songs to sound etherial and breezy; one where walls breathe, and trees dance in the moonlight.

Review by Jenell Kesler/2016
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