Junkboy – Azimuth Co-ordinator: Fulfil b/w Streets Of Dobuita (2016) review

June 14, 2016

Junkboy – Azimuth Co-ordinator: Fulfil b/w Streets Of Dobuita (2016) review

Junkboy – Reinterprets Azimuth Co-ordinator: Fulfil b/w Streets Of Dobuita – 454545-42 (Three Forty Five Records, 2016)

Brighton based maverick dream-scape schemers Junkboy: Rich and Mik Hanscomb, and Ryan Oliver, have incorporated elements of Azimuth Co-ordinator’s fifteen year old recordings ‘The JR Control’ and ‘To The Right Of Your Picture You Will See A Man Smiling’ into these otherwise brand new compositions. Issued here and now in a special lathe cut pressing this is a numbered, very limited edition which is both very cool and utterly sublime. Junkboy are no strangers to such qualities in their music, as their 2014 long-player “Sovereign Sky” displayed so wonderfully on such tracks as ‘Redwood’ and the delightfully swoon-some ‘Release The Sunshine’.
Both ‘Fulfil’ and ‘Streets Of Dobuita’, whilst each being thoroughly mellow instrumental pieces, are nonetheless totally captivating passages, full of character and wonder, that feature gorgeously hypnotic acoustic guitar playing. The former also includes some genteel-sounding backwards tape action and echoing percussion while the latter tends to rely more on its solitary weaving guitar pattern.
Each of the sides too have their own distinct moments of stirring beauty, sounding both delicate yet assured, the music conjuring up thoughts and visions of grand expectations; perhaps we could be travelling to or from some scintillatingly epic adventure.
Where will you let Junkboy take you?
Review by Lenny Helsing/2016
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