It’s Psychedelic Baby presents: The Third Sound – “Never Catch Her Again” premiere

April 12, 2016

It’s Psychedelic Baby presents: The Third Sound – “Never Catch Her Again” premiere

“Never Catch Her Again” is the second single from Gospels of Degeneration, the upcoming third album from the Berlin group described as ‘Anton Newcombe protégés.’ The album will be released by Fuzz Club and follows their self-titled debut album which was released on A Recordings, and their second LP The Third Sound of Destruction and Creation which was recorded in Newcombe’s studio and released on Fuzz Club in 2013.
“Never Catch Her Again” follows down the same murky paths as “You Are Not Here”, the first single from the LP featuring Tess Parks on vocals. However it replaces the country-inspired sultriness described by the UK’s Clash Magazine as “a languid smoky piece of psychedelic rock”, with a compulsive amalgamation of post punk and lethargic psychedelia. 
Fuzzed-out guitars wash through a wall of feedback, underpinned by churning bass and languid percussion. It shows a shift for The Third Sound, toning down the shimmery psychedelia in favour of something a little cleaner, but still retaining their hypnotic layering and itching guitar riffs that keep whispering through your mind for hours after listening.

What began as the project of Icelandic frontman Hakon Aðalsteinsson (ex Singapore Sling), The Third Sound is now stretching its definition with deeper levels of collaboration between band members and the influence of a new character in its story, the city of Berlin where the group are now based. 
Aðalsteinsson says, “The album explores different sides of life in a big city, and seeking the beauty found in strange places and within unusual characters. Although it wasn’t meant as a theme initially, somehow the album turned out to be very much inspired by Berlin and my experience in the city.”
The shift in direction is matched by a confident disregard of contingency as the band flicks between waltzing post-punk cuts and country lilts with seeming indifference. It feels as if their assuredness has provoked them to go on the hunt for new sonic niches that they can confidently take reign of. 
The Third Sound will be touring the UK and Europe in June including a performance at Fuzz Club’s new monthly mini-fest Under The Arches on June 4th. 
Gospels of Degeneration is available in deluxe edition vinyl which is limited to 250 copies of 180g coke bottle clear vinyl with black haze, with printed inner sleeves and a heavy gatefold silver laminate cover complete with hand numbering and emboss. The standard edition comes on heavy 180g coke bottle clear vinyl with heavy silver laminate cover (600 copies). Also available on CD. Pre-order from fuzzclub.com
Since forming in 2010, The Third Sound have enjoyed the support of psych godfather Anton Newcombe, who released their self-titled first album, on his label ‘a’ recordings, and chose the group to support The Brian Jonestown Massacre on tour in Europe. He also provided the studio for recording their second album The Third Sound of Destruction and Creation which was released on Fuzz Club in 2013. Most recently they’ve shared members with Anton Newcombe and Tess Parks’ band, which has led to Parks’ appearance on “You Are Not Here.”
Founded by Icelandic frontman, Hakon Aðalsteinsson – an ex-member of Icelandic group Singapore Sling, who are often hailed as the founding members of the new psych scene – The Third Sound came into being in Rome and have since relocated to Berlin. 
The Third Sound is Hakon Aðalsteinsson, who creates the concept for each song and writes the lyrics, guitarist Robin Hughes who develops the guitar parts, Leo Kaage on drums. The trio co-produced the album, which was recorded in Berlin in Kaage’s homebuilt studio with gear that was begged, borrowed and stolen from friends and collaborators.
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