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Future Resistance Foundation - Future Resistance Foundation (2016) review

Future Resistance Foundation - Future Resistance Foundation (2016)

Future Resistance Foundation is a splinter group composed of the essence of Surf Guitar Villains, who lay out a textured and compelling set of songs based on a bluesy surf guitar sound rooted deeply in the important ideal of rock n’ roll having an intellectual integrity that carries the music forward in a decisive and compelling manner. All this is designed for the listener who demands more than a snappy beat and hummable phrasing ... and it’s all done with delightful inflections that will harken back the spirit of Mott The Hoople, The Kinks, and early Bruce Springsteen.

I’ve been sitting on my hands with a copy of this release since last year, sworn to secrecy, with new versions of each song arriving almost weekly.  And even when I thought I had it all, even while discussing the album with Billliam, the mad scientist was still tweaking, still changing the tenor and scope, forever shifting, morphing the sound, and ebbing toward finalization ... yet even in their completeness these songs run through my fingers, refusing to be part of this world, forever remaining etherial illusions, refusing to be captured.

The songs are a compilation of instrumentation and vocal renditions that both reach back and forward at the same time ... or as Billiam would say, “Like a lava lamp, random yet contained.”  Yes, they’ve maintained that surf feel throughout, yet at the same time they’ve mixed in some spooky harp, mandolin, and vibes that give the outing a rich vision.  The music is mysterious and catchy, each listen shows you something new.  It’s all simple, yet complex at the same time, interweaving, overlaying, and floating the listener into the world of a relentless dreamer. 

There’s something about music that’s real when it’s from the heart ... music like this is timeless, it weaves its way into your soul, and lasts as an album you’ll reach for almost instinctively, just when you need it most.  “Hillsboro Rain” will flow over and waste you, touching you emotionally as few of us dare admit to liking.  This is a very private album, with songs that ebb and flow both in structure and in sequential order, likes waves rolling across the beach timed eternally perfect.  

I suppose that I’m trying to say that there’s a gravity to this release that doesn’t so much hold you down, as it tethers you by an ankle strap, just so you don’t find yourself wandering off too far, and perhaps not being able to find your way home ... after all, a trail of bread crumbs don’t hold a path in the waves, and a trail of notes [?], well they’ll just take you out into deeper waters.

Review by Jenell Kesler/2016
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