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The American Analog Set - Promise of Love (2003) review

The American Analog Set - Promise of Love (Tiger Style Records, 2003) 

American Analog Set create a dream-laden atmospheric stage, one laced with dark conceptual hypnotic visions for the restless and lost, where the listener is cut off from all they know and understand, where the drink in your hand might just as well exist at the end of someone else's arm.  And in this dreamy realm, the only thing that seems to hold the edges in place, are the whispered vibes that ebb in from all directions, challenging your ears to take notice, not just of them, but of human nature.

So ... here I stand feeling restless and lost, more often than not feeling cut off from the world, but decidedly relaxed and dazed, and it's all due to the reassuringly safe and comfortable visions that dance from these songs.  Perhaps I should put this in laymen's terms, Promise Of Love is like lining up all the drugs that end in -pam, and endlessly taking them day after warm glorious day, days that are awash with midrange male vocals singing simplistic droning anthems of human social and deep interpersonal relations, where the heartbeat, or in this case the drums, are stylishly front and center, while the melodies lap at the shore line, and the shadow of your image shimmers on the sand.  There are those who are going to try and say that Promise Of Love is mere background music, when nothing could be further from the truth.  These songs are like comfortable worn jeans, these songs flow in and out of you like the air that you breath, un-obstructive and unobtrusive ... yet very necessary.

Review by Jenell Kesler/2016
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