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Surf City - Jekyll Island (2015) review

Surf City - Jekyll Island (Fire Records, 2015)

Opening with the enchanting “Beat The Summer Heat,” infused with Eastern style drone, laced with fuzzy jangling guitars, and just enough effects peddles to wash over you like a warm summer day at high tide, Surf City are on a mission to create something beyond the neo-surf music, beyond shoe gazer, and certainly beyond neo-psychedelic, offering up what I can only describe as psych-gazing ... and they do it all with style and grace, sounding fresh and intoxicating.

With ever present sonic reverb guitar overlays, a solid rhythm section, and drumming that lays down a cool groove, it takes few effects to support the agreeably front and center vocals that grab your attention and hold you transfixed.  Surf City have nailed down their use of pop melodies, understand the essence of hooks, the impact of texture, where they lay out a panavision Valium sunset that surrounds and completely engulfs with hazy washes that are so warped that you will be laid out horizontally, floating in mid air.

Jekyll Island is a solid album, deeply rooted in the harmonies and melodies learned from generations past, yet sounding dynamically fresh ... reminding me of what AM Radio was like before it took the big plunge and vanished from the face of the earth.

Review made by Jenell Kesler/2016
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