Psychedelic Baby Audio

January 20, 2016

Psychedelic Baby Audio

Audio equipment is a necessity for music and since my day mostly consists of listening to various types of music I expanded my audio knowledge and started to read about history of audio engineering. In our office we have a lot of different audio gear. I think it’s really important to know some background behind a unit you’re using. One of the very best hi-end turntable companies Clearaudio, is sponsoring our magazine with their turntable and we are really happy with it, especially with combination of their MC cartridge, which sounds incredible analytically and reveals so many details. We are also sponsored by hi-end audio company from UK. Mastermind behind their company is legendary audio engineer Tim de Paravicini (EAR) and we are being supported with their legendary tube phono stage. It goes really well with Clearaudio and the result is uncompromising sound – perfect synergy. But also we can’t forget about other companies including Pro-Ject, which contributed their components to our magazine.
New hi-end will sound way different than vintage gear, but there is magic in both, new or old audio equipment. You just need to find the right unit and perfect combination. We are experimenting (like every obsessed audio freak) and there is something special when you marry vintage with modern hi-end. A favourite vintage of ours are Acoustic Research AR9 loudspeakers, which have a very rich history (you can read about them in our article with one of the engineers).
We are also really proud of our series called “Vinyl Of The Day”, sponsored by Clearaudio. We include every vinyl record we receive from bands and labels. You can see an example below. We at Psychedelic Baby Magazine think it’s really fair to spread the word about all the musician’s effort and we also add a link to their website or Facebook. This way our readers can easily reach their music.
We will be doing more articles about audio in the near future. I hope you’ll enjoy and there are so many music articles to publish that will keep us very busy. Enjoy!
  1. Rapahel Taylor

    I want to thank the author for this detailed review. This music instrument is looking good. Where can I find this musical instrument and what is the price? Can you help me out?

  2. Elizabeth C. Renfroe


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