JAZZ CORNER Presents: Stanley Turrentine – A Bluish Bag (2007)

January 18, 2016

JAZZ CORNER Presents: Stanley Turrentine – A Bluish Bag (2007)

Recording in an endless variety of forms and genres, here, we find Stanley Turrentine creating a template for Blue Note Records, ushering a style known as Soul Jazz … and with his nine plus years with the label, this is what, as a solo artist, he’s most well known for. This set of songs was drawn from a couple of sessions laid down in early 1967, and at the time, not released by Blue Note; and what a mistake that was.

Riding shotgun with [not to] Stanley, we find McCoy Tyner on Piano, along with Donald Byrd on trumpet, where they create a slightly smooth and satisfying atmosphere from beginning to end, featuring an assortment of ultra fine sax solos, and deeply considered horns, all arranged to entice, capture, and lay waste to the listener.  One of the most interesting aspects to the release is that due to the incorporated arrangements, Mr. Turrentine sits quietly in the background, and equal player among so many greats, stepping forward only with his solos, and then stepping back into the shadows, giving the release a warm glow and a comfortable feel that will not fail to please.
Review by Jenell Kesler/2016
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