Golden Animals – Free Your Mind and Win a Pony (2008) review

November 1, 2015

Golden Animals – Free Your Mind and Win a Pony (2008) review

Golden Animals – Free Your Mind and Win a Pony (2008)

Free Your Mind And Win A Pony by Golden Animals, a power-pop duo who seem determined to turn back the hands of time, while cosmically channeling not only the sound, but the visions of those who’ve passed through or near the desert ranch out by the Salton Sea in California where this outing was recorded.  I’ve been there, it’s hot, it’s dry, the mountains are more mysterious than the night owls and the stories that embellish them, and the stars [?], they shift and shimmer all on their own.  The ranch is owned by a 60’s rock survivor, one who’s determined to remain anonymous [Gordon Kennedy], while helping to re-establish the mescaline laden campfire feel that sparked the likes of Hot Tuna, The Grateful Dead, and The Doors, yet with a simplified sound, along with the smooth mellow songs sung by Led Zeppelin, not to mention their drumming and guitar riffs.
It’s been noted that there’s nothing on this album that’s forward looking, that it’s all retro.  But that may just be Linda Beecroft and Tommy Eisners’ greatest strength … taking those sounds and visions and bestowing them with a new flavor, making more of what was, with their psychedelic folk and blues based numbers that are both musically interesting, and lyrically compelling … leaving me to say that just because something sounds familiar, doesn’t mean you’ve heard it before.
Review made by Jenell Kesler/2015
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