Eternity – Eternity (1981/2014) review

June 22, 2015

Eternity – Eternity (1981/2014) review

Eternity ‘Eternity’ (Got Kinda Lost Records, 1981/2014)
When 1970s slowly dived into Disco era there were still some bands, that didn’t care where the mainstream flow is ending. ‘Eternity’ were definitely one of them. Formed in the Southern California with their members coming all from different places of US. Most of them were involved with various of groups, so they had some previous experiences. ‘Eternity’ were active from late seventies to early eighties. Album is consisting of material, that was originally recorded in 1979-’80, and released on a private label in 1981, ending as a heavy rocker, which is a true “out of date” product. Possibility of a commercial success already expired for them about 8 years ago.
There are among the bands, that were in a so called time capsule – going underground and not caring about where the local scene is going. Eternity would be best described as nice early ’70s hard rock with a truly uplifting West Coast vibe of the 1972. Fans of straight forward guitar sound and loud boomy bass will definitely find this as a lost artifact of private basement rock (among them Patrick Lundborg, author of Acid Archive and Psychedelia).
Visually we could describe their sound as an old 8 mm camera footage. It’s warm and has that special touch, that bring to light high-school playground and all the cool kids hanging in there, smoking joints, chasing girls and flashing their brand new Dodge Charger.
Got Kinda Lost Records made a superb job. They invested a lot of time, that ended as a proper reissue. As always Jeremy Cargill of Got Kinda Lost Records made sure to do an extensive liner notes with an interview. For die hard fans he even made badges and t-shirts. So what are you waiting for!? Grab a copy, read their story, open a cheap beer can and just let the sucker go!
Oh, and you wonder how the overall sound production is? Well, I’m listening through my vintage set up with valve phono stage and I’m telling you, it’s warm and truly takes you back in time where there was music that mattered.
Review made by Klemen Breznikar /2015
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  1. kingcrimson1973

    I love this album! Great review Klemen! Nice pic w/the cover as well, quite suites it.

  2. Klemen Breznikar

    Thank you very much.

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