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The Backhomes interview with Kees Dekker

© Sara Hembree

The Backhomes are a two piece Canadian psych rock band. They have already amassed a full length record and a 7" single, now on the coat tails of their latest release, "Tidalwave" I talk to Kees Dekker about the album, life and upcoming tours! Dig Into It: 

What were you guys doing prior to forming the band?

Playing in other Montreal bands (Key of K, Magnetic Hill, Field Register, Besnard Lakes), running a recording studio (The Treatment Room), making art, drinking in parks.

How did the move across the country affect the music you play?

It basically forced us to become more self sufficient and break things down to the minimum. We learned to play to 20 dollar drum machines, hey if its good enough for JJ Cale....

Tell us about the recording process for your first record.

The first record was written and recorded in a cabin on Katepwa Lake in SK, and completed in Victoria in our living room. Throw shit at the wall and see what sticks. 

You are quite big on self releasing records, do you prefer that over working with a record label?

We believe in letting things happen fairly naturally, and like most people we hate asking for things. If someone cool wants to release our music on a label that would be lovely, but when it comes down to how long it takes to realize a record, sometimes it easier to just forge ahead and hopefully the work will attract attention, rather than waiting around for someone else's schedule to match your own.

Were your parents musicians or did their musical tastes influence you growing up?

Both of our father's were/are musicians, and music was always an important part of life growing up.  

You have a pretty strong musical relationship with Edmonton bands The Lad Mags (review here) and Betrayers (reviews and interview), how did that come about?

Those bands played Victoria with us in small record store a few years ago and it was love at first sight. If we could move them all to Vancouver Island we would in second! Good people making better music!

You just finished up a cross Canada tour with Hush Pup, any tour highlights? How about past tours?

Touring with those dudes was the best! That was only maybe the second time that we have toured with another band/ friends and it was really fun, especially on the long drives and the waiting game that is touring. Many thrift store hangs and Pho for breakfast. Touring is a trip, very altered reality, a lot of work to play a small amount of music, but you get to see so many friends and play music for them! 

What bands inspired you growing up? What bands are you digging right now? 

I can only speak for myself, but growing up my local heroes were Eric's TripElevator to Hell, and other creative music types in Moncton. The combination of sonic minimalism, delicate melodies, feedback and repetition really opened some doors. Feeling like I could make music like that was huge. Then learning about Spacemen 3 and Flying Saucer Attack really resonated heavily. These days I'm really diggin' the new Panda Bear, Sur Une Plage, The Shivas, Wasted Cathedral, man too much to list!

How is the music scene in Victoria, who is worth checking out?

The music scene in Victoria is really cool, very supportive vibes for sure. Freak Heat Waves, Scars and Scarves, Fountain, Downtown, Hansmole, Iceberg Ferg, Girlfriend, Psychic Pollution, Little Jungles, Jons, Shake Records and many more!

What about nationally and internationally?

It's a big world out there.

What have been some of your favorite bands you played live with? Any dream bands you would wish to play/tour with?

Any time we play with kind creative people is awesome and inspiring, Spectrum, Disappears, any band with great fans that might dig our stuff.

You have a new album coming out next month, how was the recording process for that one?

It was good, we basically recorded a couple records worth of stuff, and the tunes on Tidalwave, were the most natural ones of the bunch that were resonating with us. We recorded at home mainly, and a little stint on Gabriola Island while house sitting The Noise Floor Studio that our friends Jordan and Terry run. 

I also noticed you have a North American tour coming up, tell me about the band your touring with?

We have several small tours this spring, some festivals and we are working on a bigger jaunt in the fall. We are doing some shows with Sur Une Plage, and Dada Plan, two great Vancouver groups.

Anything else you would like to tell me about your band?

The new LP comes out on May 5t!

Thank you for your time!

Interview made by Matt Yablonski/2015
© Copyright


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