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Blasted Canyons - Blasted Canyons (2011) review

Blasted Canyons "Blasted Canyons" (Castleface Records, 2011)

After submitting my review for the excellent Male Gaze record I decided to go back and relisten to the Blasted Canyons record I told you was worth listening to. So much to say about a record this great, from all the well placed synths to the chaotic noise rock spread throughout the record. Male meets female vocals will probably be the first thing you note when you finish your first of many listens to this album. Matt Jones (of Male Gaze and co-founder of Castleface Records) and Hether Fortune (of Wax Idols and White Lung) vocals are incredible on this record, whether it's them singing in unison or either of them taking the lead for the song, you might think these two have been playing in bands together forever. Tongue in cheek humor is on this record as well, for example "Three Synths, One Cup" is clearly a play on the gross out porno Two Girls, One Cup. Certain songs on the album remind me of the band Intelligence with the meld of melody, noise and garage punk to create something quite wonderful. If that wasn't enough there even appears to be a possible doom influence on at least one track, "The Artist Formerly". Organized chaos hasn't sounded so good! Very noisy, very loud, very weird, extremely psychedelic! If that wasn't enough the album features some of the best artwork I've seen in forever, with a nod to Pink Floyd - "Dark Side of the Moon". If you haven't picked up on it yet, this record comes with my highest recommendation! It's pretty perfect!

Review made by Matt Yablonski/2015
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