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Papercuts - You Can Have What You Want (2009) review

Let’s face it, the Papercuts are/is Jason Quever, an artist who hands out lyrics that are occasionally decipherable, nearly always dealing with an internal depression of self-worth and his ability to function within any society ... as if he’s forever stood behind the proverbial shaded window, attempting to make sense of all that passes in front of him through a sonic palette of off kilter emotions, detached melodic melodies, repeated musical progressions, and heart breaking vocals filled with diaspora.  And all of this is delivered in such a manner, suggesting that by sheer force of will, he might become something more pleasing to himself, yet in the end, forever retaining his sense of being through eyes he believes reveal all.

The music delivered on any Papercuts album is lush and softly romantic, like sleepy bears gathered ‘round an abandoned campfire on Quaaludes.  The songs never stagger far from their starting point, take no unexpected turns, and feel like warm breath on the nape of your neck.  Having said this, let me assure you, all Papercuts songs are not created equal, and within the context of their catalog there are very few that live larger than life. These are the ones I keep coming back to, letting the rest drift off like dust kittens to hide beneath my bed, leaving ...

You Can Have What You Want
-Once We Waled In The Sunlight
-Dictator’s Lament
-Future Primitive
-You Can Have What You Want
-The Void

Fading Parade
-Do What You Will

Can’t Go Back
-John Brown
-Found Bird

... to lay over me like a warm blanket on a chilly October evening.

Review made by Jenell Kesler/2014
© Copyright

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