Salem’s Pot interview

September 1, 2014

Salem’s Pot interview

Here’s another band coming from Sweden. Salem’s Pot are a wicked doom band, clearly influenced by Electric Wizard and their obsession with b-horror films, especially Slasher films from ’70s, which kind of reflects their music. After recording two demos: Sweeden and Watch me Kill You/Run The Night they signed up to RidingEasy Records and released  ..lurar ut dig på prärien,
which was sold out pretty soon (just see the cover artwork and you’ll see why). What more can I say about doom band? Heavy rhythms, fuzzy guitar riffs and extremely cool b-horror atmosphere…

What can you say about your involvement with music? What are
some stuff, you were listening to before your formed Salem’s Pot?
Music is communication. We have been into a lot of different
music, anything from Fifty Foot Hose to Company Flow to The Cramps.  
Did that stuff directly influenced you to start Salem’s Pot?
Not directly. A lot of rage, slasher-movies and marijuana as
well. And of course Black Sabbath.
Were you in any bands before that?
No. When we first started there were only two of us and only
one could play an instrument. It’s taken years to find the right musicians, people who are
twisted enough to put up with our constant complaining.
What does the name Salem’s Pot refer to?
A bad pun, but also a pot of misery and psychosis.
What can you tell us about your local scene? Do you feel
like you’re a part of it?
There’s not much to tell. We’re living in Sin City so people
don’t seem to like us very much.
How does the songwriting process look like?
It all depends. It could start with a decent riff or a
catchy melody on the organ. Other times we just have a title, usually another bad pun. But like mentioned earlier, it’s all about communication.
Do you share any mantra in your band?
In our cosmic reality, it’s still 1973.
What can you tell us about recording process of making
..lurar ut dig på prärien?
It was pretty stressful. There’s room for a lot of mistakes when you record live,
especially with lenghty songs and a head full of acid.  It could sound almost magical, then the guitar started
dripping and stopped playing. So there was definitely tension and some takes could have
been better, but it is what it is. All in all it went pretty well, at least for being us.

Is there anything else released?
Two demos, but that’s in the past. We have a different line-up now and feel that we have moved

Do you do any concerts? Touring?
There’s been some line-up issues in the way, but luckily
we’ve made it to Russia, Finland and Norway so far.
We have just started rehearsing with a new drummer, and for
the first time it’s actually a real drummer.
Before that it was a guitar playing friend of ours who kind
of learned how to beat on the drums, just so we could play. He’s gonna be on a second guitar from now on so hopefully
we’ll be on the road soon.

Any future plans?
We’re releasing a 7″ in September called “Ego
Trip” as well as a split 10″ with Windhand on Halloween.
Other than that we plan to scare the living shit out of you.
Since your album was out on vinyl, I bet you’re all into
this format? What are some cool stuff you’ve been listening to lately?
Hmm.. “Clap – Have you reached yet”, “Pere
Ubu – Datapanik in the year zero”, “V/A – God Less America”
& “Seremonia – Ihminen”

Thanks for taking your time. Would you like to send a
message to It’s Psychedelic Baby readers?
Thank you.
Well, based on where the world is at today I can only quote
Woody Guthrie:
“Good people, what are we waiting on?”

Interview made by Klemen Breznikar/2014

© Copyright http://psychedelicbaby.blogspot.com/2014

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