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The Eye Jabs interview

What would you say if I want you to imagine music, that sounds just like "The Atomic Vampire from the 4th dimension seducing a lovely femme fatale!"?! Old school b-horror films, killing bikers on acid, vampire chicks on cocaine and mysterious swamp atmosphere. Some of these words would perfectly describe what the Eye Jabs from St. Louis are doing. Dave and Nathan had in mind to start an industrial band, but out of that idea came more of a rock horror act. It seems they were watching too many late night horror movies as kids. They recently released an album on CD titled Sounds Of The Fourth Dimension !, which was recorded in Nathan's recording room. Below is our interview with Dave and Nathan and a link to their soundcloud page. 

What's the story behind The Eye Jabs formation?

Dave: We started out wanting to bring back the late '80s early '90s industrial sound like Thrill Kill Kult and KMFDM. Then we sat down and started writing, however we ended up sounding like this so we just went with it. I think it's important to play music that comes natural to you and that's what we did.

Nathan: I have known Dave since we were 15 years old. Dave rode the bus with me. Dave is more into Metal and Blues, where I am more into '80s and '90s rock and electronic. It started when we were watching Old Black Box music videos from Wax Trax. We decided we should start an Industrial band, but we ended up sounding like an old rock band. We started recording every weekend for six months. It was the worst winter I can remember. I was mostly snowed in and stuck to writing music in my basement.

You are coming from St. Louis. What's the scene there?

Dave: The scene here is pretty diverse. It's not strange to go to a local show and see metal, rap, punk and folk music all in one show. Even if I don't like all the music it is good to see so many people doing something creative and original.

Nathan: Mostly cover bands in St Louis. Lots of Metal bands.

Have you been in any other bands before you started this one?

Dave: Matt and I played both played guitar in a thrash metal band called Discord Armada for a couple years. My first real gig was a folk rock band called In June. Also, a lot of fun projects that never left the garage.

Nathan: I played in a '90s cover band for five years. I also did an electronic music solo project.

The Eye Jabs influences?

Dave: Black Sabbath was a band that really inspired me to start writing music at a young age. When I first heard the opening riff on their first album I said 'I want to do that!'. Other influences crept in over the years like Danzig, Leonard Cohen, GG Allin and Leadbelly.

Nathan: My parents are musicians and raised me on classic rock. I also love New Wave, and '90s rock. Direct influences for The Eye Jabs would be My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Pink Floyd, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Chuck Berry, The Toadies, Air, and Nine Inch Nails.

Your music is a mixture of horror psychedelic garage rock. How does the recording process look like?

Dave: We wrote most of the album as we were recording. It all came together like Frankenstein's Monster. Never really had a formula it was more like 'Hey, I got a groovy idea let's try this..'.

Nathan: We recorded one track at a time using Ableton Live. I use a APC 40 with it and have got a pair of Yamaha monitors when we started. Most of the songs were written spontaneously. I use a Gibson SG and a Fender Strat most of the album. This goes through a mic'ed Marshall DSL 100. We used an EHX Voice Box for the background Vocals on broken wing. Dave sings and I go over and do most of the background vocals. I record all the keyboard parts with my midi controller.

Where was the album recorded?

Dave: Nathan's basement has been fashioned into a recording studio/pinball arcade. It's pretty awesome.

Nathan: In my recording room I got carpet, drop ceilings,  big rugs and a big couch. I hung foam blankets from the ceiling around Dave to make a voice room for the vocals.

What can you say about the cover artwork?

Dave: The Atomic Vampire from the 4th dimension seducing a lovely femme fatale! Will she succumb to his sinister groove?

Nathan: The cover was all Dave. He is the Artist in the band.

Can we expect a vinyl version? I'm asking this, because we all are big fans of vinyl format, which is these days becoming more and more popular. What's your opinion about this? How do you see it in digital world?

Dave: I would love to do a vinyl press when we get the funds. I think the older you get the more you miss things like that. However, kids today love convenience more than anything. I personally love the cassette format. I still have a pretty good collection of underground metal tapes.

Nathan: I still have my pair of Technic 1200 turntables, I would love to hook them up again. I think it's a great idea.

Do you do any touring or concerts in general?

Dave: Our first show a few weeks ago and I hope to have at least one show a month. It might be kind of hard for me to go on a long tour with my job and family, though we will see.

Nathan: The cd release show was a few weeks ago.

Any wacked stories from shows?

Dave: Not yet! We will let you know though. Hopefully we get some weird stuff on film.

Nathan: Stay tuned on our facebook page for them.

Future plans?

Dave: Record and gig as much as possible and just see where that takes us. We already have a lot of ideas for the 2nd album.

Nathan: We basically have three songs already for album two. I don't think you would have to wait very long.

Can you share some words about songwriting and song meaning in general. "Mushroom Man" and "Kiss To Kill" have interesting themes...

Dave: The lyrics usually turn out kinda dark even when I'm just having fun. I can't really help it. Sex and black magic seem to go well with biker chicks from hell and killer mushroom people. It's just like writing my own trippy horror movie from the early '70s only with my own style and personal metaphors thrown in.

Nathan: I grew up watching old horror and sci-fi movies. I love Ed Wood, and Twilight Zone, and Night of the Living Dead. The pop culture that was left behind is still an infinite source of inspiration.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

Dave: Thanks for the article! Also keep a look out for our next venture into the depths of sonic madness!

Nathan: Be sure to check out our music videos at I made most of them the same night we wrote the song at three of four in the morning. I would post them before Dave woke up and send him the links. Thank you.

Interview made by Klemen Breznikar/2014
© Copyright

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Good Chance said...

Turbulent sounds and dark, psychedelic lyrics bringing a roller coaster ride of cult-classics, haunted houses and hilarious sci-fi that tears you away from your body. I got the opportunity to hang with these cats and they blew my mind.
Can't wait to catch the next show!