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Elephant Stone - Elephant Stone (2013) review

Elephant Stone "Elephant Stone" (Hidden Pony Records, 2013)

Much like the work George Harrison did in the 60’s, on all of The Beatles albums, Elephant Stone weave an eclectic exotic mix of classic psychedelic rock, along with elements of of traditional Indian music, that is quiet breathable, expansive, and sits comfortably, without being indulgent, sloppy, or sounding scripted.  Yes, that’s saying a lot, and like the Allah Las, are part of a unique new sound that I can only refer to as Mod. 

On this, their self titled release, the band morphs into a solid band who’ve created a great jangling guitar laced album that will instantly bring you back for a second listen.  Most psych bands tend to redefine themselves on their sophomore outings, getting edgier, perhaps darker, or more immersive, but not Elephant Stone, who quiet simply, have chosen to be more refined, delivering an identifiable sound that embraces their influences [The Byrds, Steppenwolf, Tom Petty, The Beatles, and Bob Dylan] without sounding beholding ... creating a singular event that will challenge those who follow.

The music created here is flawless, there are no throw away tracks, and  Rishi Dhir, a sought after sitar player, who has worked with Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, and Beck, to mention just a few, helping them to establish an atmosphere filled with etherial emotional surrealism, without allowing the use of his sitar to come across as some sort of novelty.  Elephant Stone allows me smile, fills my head with swirling visions, and delivers a grouping of dreamy psych pop songs that are well worth listening to.

Review made by Jenell Kesler/2014
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