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Whizz Kid - There's Conjuring To Be Done (2014) review

Whizz Kid “There’s Conjuring To Be Done” (Bearsuit, 2014)

               Whizz Kid is another in the long line of Bearsuit’s international collaborations, as banjo-wielding Glaswegian Yo-yo Nielsen and Belgian J-Kane team up for this wonderfully wacky collection of instrumental tomfoolery – a psychedelic circus of tunes that’ll turn those frowns upside down and send shivers of joy and “Circus Juice” up and down your spine. Toy pianos, glitch electronics, snappy percussion and the ever lovely vibes run amok on this effervescent happy foot request party. Toss in some baby noises, and float along with self-descriptive wonders like ‘Summer Bubbles’, as light and airy as it sounds, ‘Falling Out Of Trees, Falling Down Hills’, which is more fun than falling off a log…and less painful, and ‘Burlington’, a warped ‘London Bridge Is Falling Down’ parody, complete with adulterated brassy fx and fingerpointing “Nah nah na nah nah’s”! It’s like Neutral Milk Hotel for the pre-school generation.
               I wonder if Carl Stalling had this much fun creating all those weird and unforgettable Warner Brothers cartoon sounds, because these whizz kids sure sound like they’re having a blast and you’ll easily find yourself caught up in their happy party tunes. Old timers may also hear a little of the seminal Moondog discography in tasty, sugar-coated treats like the festive ‘Kid Santa’ and ‘Circus Juice’, a veritable Grand Guignol on a merry-go-round.
               A children’s album for adults? Or maybe it’s an adult album that the kids can get into as well? No matter. Either way, it’s a refreshing concept, flawlessly executed, and a total joy from beginning to end.

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2014
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