The Cosmic Dead – Easterfaust (2014) review

March 22, 2014

The Cosmic Dead – Easterfaust (2014) review

The Cosmic Dead “Easterfaust” (Sound of Cobra, 2014)
‘This is an album. Listen or perish!’
What can one say about a band that claims to be Scotland’s
foremost Hawkwind tribute band and have a name like some long forgotten doomed
Tibetan book?
For those a bit more attentive to the world of psyched up,
fuzzed out and explosive monster jams, The Cosmic Dead must have already
appeared in your radar. For those who haven’t been graced by the dark
enlightment of this Scotish outfit, their new record is a good starting point.
It is, of course, a point of no return.
Masters of long trance inducing tracks, The Cosmic Dead
present us with another mind blowing audio offer, Easterfaust.
Almost like a pagan religious ritual, The Cosmic Dead have
retreated for a week like some shaman would do in search of spiritual cleansing
and they came back armed with new power. As the first notes appear, it is as if
dawn slowly creeps in. Misty highlands, blue colours and a slight pre morning
chill is what one envisions upon listening to the first notes. A calm before
the storm is what it seems to be and sure nuff, it is. Eight minutes in and
these Picts come rushing down the mountains ready for a full throttle attack,
gaining speed and pre-empting everything that stands in their way. When it
gains momentum, you are either with The Cosmic Dead or in trouble.
Come Part 2, the attack continues and it’s full plundering
mode. No stone is left unturned as they ravage your ears and after all the
pillaging, The Cosmic Dead retreat in full glory to enjoy the spoils of the
battle, leaving behind ravaged lands and weeping villages but gaining followers
along the way.
If this Scotish outfit ever comes through your town, this
how it will sound like. Get ready, be aware and join in. Or face the
consequences of being left not knowing what hit you…

Review made by Carlos Ferreira/2014
© Copyright http://psychedelicbaby.blogspot.com/2014
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