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Shannon and the Clams - Dreams in the Rat House (2013) review

Shannon and the Clams "Dreams in the Rat House" (Hardly Art/Burger Records, 2013)

Not much I can tell you about this record that the music doesn't already say. Simple melodies of days past have you yearning for the time when the jukebox at your local club had 7"s instead of awful 90s rock compilation CDs. Doo-wop honestly hasn't sounded this good since the days of local sock hops and snake dances. Just when you got this band figured out they throw a few hyper trashy garage tracks that could easily fit on the Nuggets compilation or any of its many imitators. Ladies style your hair into beehives and guys slick your hair back and don't be afraid to dance! I know it can be kinda awkward and messy at first but the best things in life are a little awkward and messy. If your wondering what I mean, I'm talking about sex!

Review made by Matt Yablonski/2014
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