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Mean Red Spiders - Places You Call Home (1998) review

Mean Red Spiders "Places You Call Home" (Teenage USA Records, 1998) 

You honestly cannot believe how stoked I am to discover this album. Dreamy psychedelic rock from Toronto in the 90s?!!!? This is the kind of 90s Canadian indie music I was wishing to hear for years. With so many Canadian bands around that time falling into the similar sounds of the band Sloan this is a breath of fresh air. With lush guitars that just melt when the sound hits your ears you would immediately think this band should have originated in the UK back in the late 80s with all the other shoegazy dream rock acts. This could easily be the cool younger Canadian cousin of the band Slowdive, family reunions wouldn't be awkward if these two bands got together. This record is hard to find, but I do believe it is available digitally through Amazon or Itunes, it is totally worth the dollars, and if you manage to find a physical copy cherish it because they probably wont be repressing this anytime soon!

*I would also like to note that Sloan isn't a bad band, they are actually really awesome. Hence all the copycats!

Review made by Matt Yablonski/2014
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