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It's Psychedelic Baby, Mixtape 1

Hello all of you Psychedelia fanatics! Today, we bring you a special treat! Something altogether new for this site and hopefully some undiscovered treasures for you! I, Hunter Gatherer, have taken it upon myself to compile a series of mixes for you to get lost in. Today, I bring you Volume 1 of It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine’s mixtape series!

The mix begins with some transcendental spoken word ala White Hills inviting you to step out of your bodies for the duration of the mix. Then we transition into the frenetic mania of Uncle Acid & The Dead Beats with their “I’ll Cut You Down.” We mellow out again with "Waves," enjoying the calm before the storm of "La PIste Des Larmes" and "Corridors, Part 1." Get Your Gun takes over with their heavy handed, Country tinged "Staying For A While." Farflung takes us into Black Sabbathian territory with"9 Pin Body."

Finally the stage changes hue and The Strangers Family Band takes us into the eye of Psychedelia with the plucking of their sitars in "Strange Transmissions." Jacco Gardner takes us into Baroque-esque Psychedelic Pop with "Clear The Air," then Earth Mk. II takes us into their inter-spacial dimension with “My Universe.” Amen Dunes breathes intemperate life into our ears with “Baba Yaga.”

Now we step out into the world with strange and exotic instrumentation, melodies, rhythms, tempos, and soul. Aalto brings us “Dyngyldai” with its throbbing melody, beat, and one of the most unique features of this track and the band in itself; throat singing! Montibus Communitas takes us off into the wild where we’re left to fend for ourselves with just our minds in “Hanan Pacha.” The Dead Skeletons are masters of bringing us the sounds of the ancient world and they do so with “Ljosberinn.” Then, finally, we blast out on a high note with Woodwall’s “Wood Empire”!

It is my sincere hope that this music is met with open and adventurous ears! Rock on.


DJ Mike said...

I love this. As someone who does a weekly Psych Rock show, a playlist like this is a gold mine. Where did you find those White hills tracks? I can't find them on any album. I wish to buy them.
....and the HITS just keep on coming!

DJ Mike said...

As a producer of a weekly Psych-Rock radio show, this mix is a gold mine. thanks! Where did you find the White Hills tracks? I don't see them on any of the albums I know of.
...aaaand the HITS just keep on coming!

Hunter Gatherer said...

Hey Mike! Thanks for the compliments! I love putting this stuff together. The White Hills tracks were from one of their self-released albums Glitter Glamour Atrocity

Anonymous said...

I really like the mix!
but is there a way to skip to a certain song or see which song is playing right now?
cheers, schwengel

Nicholas Davis said...

We're working on that,
cheers schwengel
-Hunter Gatherer