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Woodwall - Woodempire (2013) review

Woodwall "Woodempire" (Red Sound Records, 2013)

A ritual began, a summoning, the stoner metal album ‘Woodempire’ by the band Woodwall. It was intuition and I liked it right away. No hesitation. Probably because of the vocals, sitting there like a lighthouse throughout. It’s always because of the vocals for me, in this genre. The six tunes side step the usual stoner brand - the power of nature is still there but with such obviousness that it’s unpredictable simplicity conceptually. It’s as if their current genre is just a starting point for something more to come, something higher-end, elegant, and completely unpretentious, just listen to the song ‘Walden’ three times in a row, it moves things.

Forest metal. Colors come through, an aura comes through, sensed passion comes through with a non-fatal saturation of emotion and intense-to-mellow sonic energy. Great sound, just enough guitar without over doing it with technique all the time, meaning that the guitar work does not subtract from a casual enjoyment of the record.

Slightly harsh yet soothing woodsman monk-like vocals, with a Samsara Blues Experiment like structure of songs. That songwriting doesn’t get in the way either. Too much intricate crafting can ruin the vibe, and this record writes the opposite. Everything blends seamlessly. A sound of Nostradamical proportions, wanting the listener to feel for the next move, and be that not goofy space-train initiated traveler with a ‘live and let live’ philosophy – a guru of noble conquering.

An atmosphere is put out there with a ray-gun-ish cosmo-synth sound imbedded, making the overall sound come through as loose and tight at the same time. It’s the sound the tree makes when there is nobody there to hear it. That tree, is on an invisible path, along with the listeners and their collection of personal experiences that help maintain the searching for a better existence - A state of mind, a peace of mind.

All titling + sound + artwork = a universal everything’s connected concept.

Nicely done my friends.

Review made by Robert Savela/2013
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