Trevor and The Joneses – There Was Lightning (2013) review

December 13, 2013

Trevor and The Joneses – There Was Lightning (2013) review

Trevor and The Joneses “There Was Lightning” (Self-released,
Sometimes spending too much time in the sun can be a good
thing. Even Bruce Springsteen claimed “that’s where the fun is”, and Trevor
Jones and his namesakes have been baking in the Las Vegas desert for about a
year and now they’ve unleashed their debut album and you can be sure that
“lightning” they speak of is probably white and of the liquid variety! The
quintet rip through ten tracks with the reckless abandon of an untamed stallion
in heat. Screaming guitar solos, spoken/shouted vocals, and a wicked sense of
humor drip from every tune, with influences ranging from fellow desert-dwellers
Green On Red to Camper Van Beethoven and the devil-may-care-but-I-don’t
rowdiness of Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre), Paul Westerberg (the
‘Mats), and Iggy & The Stooges.
Then just when we’re ready to put a serious hurt on our
mojo, something starts happening and we don’t know what it is: Mr. Jones &
his Joneses get all sentimental on us with the tender ballad “A Familiar Way”.
It’s a nice intermezzo, somewhat reminiscent of Chocolate Watch Band’s Stonesy
swagger or Sky Saxon’s seminal Seeds output, particularly “A Faded Picture.”
And the surprises keep on coming at us with the power poppy acoustic stunner
”Grooving At The Speed of Light” that bears a welcome resemblance to Sir
Newcombe and BJM’s finest hours and ends in a blaze of six-string glory.
Elsewhere, I also dug the greasy, sleazy snarl of “It’s
Exhausting” (it was) and the party hearty blast of wholesome pop goodness
emerging from “It’s Getting Early.” The band also pull out all the stops and
flaunt their jamming, improv chops at the end of the album, with a couple of
tracks clocking in at nearly 20 minutes: the bluesy headnodder “Show Yourself”
is a tasty (and tasteful) Neil and Crazy Horse-styled guitar duel between
Jones, Brien Thompson, and Joe Lawless that kicks asses and takes names, and
then epic closer “Superslow” ups the guitar army attack on all your senses,
frying brain cells, hair follicles, and the odd pacemaker along the way. Boy
howdy, what a way to wrap up a debut album. A definite scorcher and a very promising
Review made by Jeff Penczak/2013
© Copyright http://psychedelicbaby.blogspot.com/2013
  1. Anonymous

    I've seen Trevor and the Joneses a few times when visiting Vegas! They are awesome. I didn't know much about them before but I am now one of their biggest fans. This album kicks ass. Trevor Jones is brilliant! For a young guy like that to write such soulful-meaningful songs is quite impressive. I even ordered some of their shirts so I can where them to the next concert. Thanks for such great article. They should be playing on Leno, Letterman,SNL, etc. You have. got to spread the word about these. Guys! Thaks again for the article.

  2. Unknown

    Great review! I was so impressed on hearing the band that we're about to release the album on heavyweight vinyl in a very limited run of 250 copies and you'll be able to pre-order them from www.planegroovy.com in early July.

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